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Porrige Bikers

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Just Sew Embroidery supplied the jerseys for the Albany Porridge Bike Ride from Albany Regional Prison to Lake Grace 2021 which commenced at 0630 hours. As always a lot of work went on behind the scenes and a big thanks was awarded to Brad Taylor, Galen Carson and Keith King. Keith was down to ride however due to last minute family commitments was unable to make a start.

This year's ride was initially set up by John Roukens who sadly passed away, had great hopes of making this the best ride yet and thanks to so many contributors both within and outside the Prison this was achieved.

The Ride commenced under grey skies, a little drizzle, strong South Westerly's, a lot of anticipation blended with excitement and hope. All riders lined up and with Training Officer Brad Harvey sounding the Starting horn the ride was away.

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